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What Not To Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Despite what you may think, your drain is not a catch-all. There are many things that many people don’t know actually shouldn’t go down your drain and used in your garbage disposal. There are many cases of clogged drains that happen every single year and a majority of them could have been prevented. The easiest way to do this is to not put any kind of food down your sink or if you have a doubt if it should be going down your sink, just throw it away instead. It is better safe than sorry. If you find yourself with a clog in your drain from food being put down your drain, you can try a few things like putting special drain cleaning chemicals down your sink or even trying to get it out with a wire hanger. If these options do not work, call a plumber and they will help you get it taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Put These In Your Sink

Rice or starchy foods – If you have a habit of throwing old rice or food that is easily absorbing water, you need to rethink it. These kinds of foods hold water and expand. When they expand, they tend to clog up drains and are not easily removed by you. You also want to stay clear of putting coffee grounds, egg shells, potato skins, and grease down your sink as well.

If you end up with a clog in your sink drain, give KRK Enterprises, Inc. a call at 800-330-7686 and we will help you right away!

Springtime Plumbing Tips


Getting More Efficient Plumbing For Your Home Can Lower Your Water Bill.

They say “April showers bring May flowers” and with the beginning of spring means it’s time for “spring cleaning.” Part of spring cleaning should include taking a look at how you can keep a green and more efficient home. A clean home uses the least amount of energy, saving you money through efficiency as a homeowner. When talking about plumbing saving money and being energy efficient usually means conserving water. Here are some helpful maintenance tips to keep your plumbing as efficient as possible.

Springtime Plumbing Steps For More Efficiency

  • Leaky Faucets – Have you noticed dripping from your bathroom or kitchen faucets? Slow drips not only indicate a damaged fixture, but they can waste more water than you may realize. Have an expert plumber inspect the faucet and possibly replace it with a low flow fixture.
  • Replace Older Fixtures & Appliances – How long has your water heater been in use? Do you think its time for a new shower head? After many years of service, appliances and fixtures can lose efficiency and not work as well. However, modern systems are specifically designed with you and your home efficiency needs in mind. Consider updating your home to these newer models.
  • Practice More Efficient Habits – Better efficiency in your home could be as easy as some simple changes to your routine. Waiting to do laundry until you have full loads can ensure there is less waste of water, as can taking showers instead of baths.
  • Plumbing Inspection – Last, but not least, the best way to find ways to improve your plumbing is to have it inspected by a professional. Plumbers can tell you how your system is working if there is any damage, and if there could be a way to improve the amount of water you use in your home.

KRK Enterprises, Inc. is your local plumbing and pumping company, providing you with green plumbing solutions for your home or business. Give us a call at 800-330-7686 for plumbing inspection and repair in Fort Pierce, Fl to improve your efficiency!


Keeping Your Water Bill Low This Summer

With summer quickly approaching and the heat waves stepping up their game, it is easy to want to turn the water up a little more. The problem with that, is that you are raising your water bill when chances are, that you don’t need to. There are a few ways that you can save some money and still use your water this coming summer, here’s how.

What to Do

Water Less – If you are currently running your sprinklers twice a day, consider cutting it down to once a day and then if you really need to, use a garden hose to spray thye spots that are drier than others.

Skip the Sprinklers – What we mean by this is, running the sprinklers for your kids to play in may be fun, but it is wasting water by letting it run. Consider buying a small kiddy pool and filling that up to play in, or if you really want some sprinkler fun, limit it to a certain amount of time and then make sure it is turned off.

Shower at night – If you do this, you will go to bed feeling refreshed and then wake up in the morning without having to take a shower. This is better because if you shower in the morning, you will probably want to shower again at night to cool off. Just downsize to one shower a day, simple.

If you need anything for your plumbing this summer, or anytime, call KRK Enterprises, Inc. at 800-330-7686.

How To Know If You Have a Leak in Your Water Line

Your water line is what runs underground and moves water from one area to the next. When it becomes damaged, it can be a mess to try to get fixed and find where it is at. Knowing you have a leak is the first step and it is important that you pay attention to these to make sure that you aren’t losing money and that you get it taken care of right away. There are several signs to look out for when you think you may have a water leak.

Signs of a Water Leak

Wet Yard – If there is a spot on your yard that is constantly wet but no reason for it to be, it is probably a sign that you have a water line leak. If this happens, it is important to mark this area so that the plumber will know where the leak probably is located.

Low water pressure – If you have noticed that your water pressure has significantly gone down, you may have a water line leak. This is because a hole in the line will take pressure away that makes the water move through the line.

Water Bill – If your water bill has been going up and up over a small period of time, it may be caused by a leak in the water line as well.

All of these signs are important to pay attention to, as they could be telling you that your water line is leaking. If you think it is, call KRK Enterprises, Inc. at 800-330-7686 right away.

Maintaining Your Plumbing

No homeowner or company building owner is excluded from plumbing issues; they can appear wherever, in any plumbing area in your home or residence. Annual plumbing maintenance is a excellent measure to consider if you need to avoid restorations from becoming too costly. For this reason, it is sometimes smarter for clients to arrange plumbing maintenance services with a local plumber. With plumbing maintenance, you won’t have to worry about surprise damages later on. 

Plumbing Maintenance For Home And Office Needs

plumbing maintenanceEach aspect of your office or house needs to be maintained in order for it to operate, and the same applies to your plumbing devices. Plumbing devices require annual maintenance to stay in good shape, but without upkeep, it can result in costly repairs. Qualified plumbers can identify plumbing issues, fix them immediately and efficiently, and expand the lifespan of the plumbing systems. These services can range from examining your drains to looking at your garbage disposal, and will ultimately get your plumbing in better shape.

Plumbing maintenance can get your plumbing systems in great shape, and since our plumbing contractors are thoroughly trained and have decades of knowledge and skills, they are able to service any plumbing device in your residence or office. For us to identify plumbing issues, we use state-of-the-art tools and technologies to repair any problems. Plumbing maintenance accomplished by licensed plumbers is a good preventive measure, and we are here to help.

To schedule an appointment for plumbing maintenance, contact our plumbing contractors now at 800-330-7686 to get your plumbing systems inspected.

Common Holiday Plumbing Problems

It seems that you never have plumbing problems until your entire family is gathered at your place for the holidays. With the endless dishwashing, showers, and cleaning, it’s no wonder that plumbing problems typically pop up during this time. However, when you do have minor plumbing issues, these quick remedies may help you get through.Our Experts can Help With all of Your Plumbing Problems.

Clogged Toilets or Drains

While this problem happens fairly often during large get-togethers, the problem can generally be fixed with store-bought drain opener solutions or by a do-it-yourself snake. Prevent backups from happening at your get-together by pouring drain opener into heavily used drains before they arrive. If the problem keeps happening, however, it could be time to call a professional.

Non-Working Garbage Disposals

It always seems to happen that your garbage disposal begins to have problems when you need it most. Keeping your garbage disposal clean by running water down it regularly can help keep it in good working order for your gathering. However, if your garbage disposal does stop working, try pushing the small red button found on the side of the canister to reset the system and reconnect the power.

Leaky Faucets

During the holidays, a leaky faucet can lead to a very inconvenient mess. Luckily, leaky faucets are usually caused by loose components and can be repaired fairly easily. Many times the seal at the base of the faucet is bad. This will require removal of the handle’s cap and replacement of the seal.

When your plumbing begins to malfunction in the midst of family and friends, call our experts first for a fast, complete service that gets you back to your holiday. Call the KRK Services professionals at 800-330-7686.

How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal From Smelling

How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal From Smelling

Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal From Smelling.

The garbage disposals in our kitchens are a great component for getting rid of small scraps of food. But because of this, our garbage disposals can become very smelly due to the build-up of old food. It’s not a huge deal but it is a nuisance to have a kitchen filled with unpleasant odors. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your garbage disposal from smelling! Below are a few tips to use if your disposal starts to smell a little bad.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

There are a lot of people that say its okay to use lemon peels and ice to remove and clean odors, but lemon peels and ice are both hard and can do some damage to the impeller. A great way to clean and leave the garbage disposal smelling good is using baking soda and vinegar.

Use Bleach

If you don’t have baking soda or vinegar on hand, you can also use bleach. It will be able to clean and remove any lingering smell that is coming from your garbage disposal.

Avoid Throwing These Things Down the Disposal

Yes, the garbage disposal is used to discard scraps of food, but some food can smell worse than others. Not only that, some food can and will damage the impeller in the disposal. Avoid putting these foods down the disposal: grease, egg shells, pasta, rice, and fibrous vegetable scraps.

Do Some Cleaning

You can clean the disposal lid or you can turn off and disconnect your garbage disposal in order to clean inside of it.

These are great ways to keep your garbage disposal from smelling, but if you need additional garbage disposal services in Fort Pierce, FL, and Palm City, FL, call KRK Enterprises today at 1-800-330-7686.


4 Common Residential Plumbing Problems

Leaking Bathroom FaucetAs homeowners, it seems like something is always popping up that requires plumbing services. This can cause a headache when you’re trying keep your daily routine. KRK Enterprises offers residential plumbing services to residents of Fort Pierce, FL, and Palm City, FL. But have you ever wondered what the most common residential plumbing problems are? Take a look at the list below:

1. Leaking Faucet

The most common  residential plumbing problem is a leaky faucet. This happens frequently and is easily noticeable to the homeowner. The annoying dripping sound can cause sleepless nights. Worse, the leaks can cause a massive spike in your water bill. KRK Enterprises has you covered, and will repair the problem in no time.

2. Running Toilet

Another expensive plumbing problem is a running toilet. This wastes gallons upon gallons of water each day it goes unfixed. If you notice your toilet continuing to run long after pressing the flush, you have a serious problem on your hands. Like a leaking faucet, a running toilet is a common occurrence in homes.

3. Weak Water Pressure

If your shower is producing a low flow water stream, you likely require a professional plumber. The same is true when your bathroom and kitchen faucets are failing to produce a solid stream of water. There could be a variety of culprits causing the problem. The municipal water supply is often responsible for this issue.

4. Clogged Drains

Overflowing sinks and bathtubs are generally caused by clogs in the drain. This is one of the most common problems for homeowners, and many times caused by a buildup of particles within the drain. Be careful about using over the counter drain cleaners, as they can end up causing further problems long term. Call 1-800-330-7686 for residential plumbing services in Fort Pierce, FL and Palm City, FL.

Three Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Slab Leak

Slab Leaks Can Create Major Damage if Not Repaired.

Many modern homes become constructed with plumbing encased within the concrete slab. Over time, as the house settles, it may cause small leaks within the plumbing. These leaks inject water into your concrete slab, and thus create slab leaks. Slab leaks create many consequences for a home. Even more distressing, they can sometimes be hard to detect. To know whether you have a slab leak, pay attention for these signs.


Pools of water within or outside of your home can indicate a slab leak. Since they can have multiple other sources, however, you want to first rule out other possibilities. First, check for any conventional leaks near the puddle. If outdoors, check to ensure that your water hoses remain off. If the puddle has no other explanation, you will need to contact a trusted plumber for slab leak repair.

Hot Floors

As water escapes from your hot water pipes into your foundation, if will heat the nearby concrete. This heat will pass into your floors to create hot and warm areas. If you notice that certain sections of your floor seem strangely warmer than others, you may have a slab leak.

Cracked Floors

A serious sign that a slab leak has persisted for a  while, cracked floors require immediate service. A problematic tendency of slab leaks occurs from lack of detection. These leaks can flow for days or weeks before a homeowner notices. If your floors have begun to crack, then the leak has probably caused extensive damage that requires immediate repair.

If you remain concerned about a slab leak in Palm City, FL or nearby areas, call KRK Enterprises, Inc. today at 800-330-7686. For both detection and repair, we can serve as your answer for slab leaks.

Signs You Have a Sewer Line Problem

sewer line problem

A collection of debris or grease in your sewer line can creates problems around the house.

Sewer lines exist as truly indispensable components of plumbing. All of the drains in your home empty into the sewer line. If you experience sluggish drainage or an obstruction there, you can expect repercussions around the house. Worse yet, sewer line problems can become messy, and almost always require professional help. If you have a sewer line problem in Florida, call the experts at KRK Enterprises at 1-800-330-7686.

As early indicators of a sewer line problem, these symptoms should require an immediate call for aid. Don’t delay when it comes to the suspicion of problems in your main sewer line, as the situation can worsen quickly.

Slow Drains

Since all of your home’s drains empty into the sewer line, consistently sluggish drains indicate a problem. While one slow drain likely indicates a localized issue, comprehensive slow drainage reveals either an obstruction or built-up materials in the main line.

Bad Smells

Bad smells in your backyard or around your house can indicate a sewer line problem. If in the back yard, you likely smell a leak from the main line itself. If around the house, then a clog in the main line has caused a collection of waste or methane. In either case, you will benefit from emergency service.

Vibrant Lawn

Though it can seem counter-intuitive, an oddly vibrant or lush patch in your lawn most likely signifies problems with the sewer line beneath. As wastewater leaks from the line, it will act as fertilizer for the grass above, An upsurge in pests can also indicate a leak in the sewer line.

If you experience any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call us for immediate service at 1-800-330-7686. At KRK Enterprises, we serve as your local experts for the detection and repair of a sewer line problem in Florida.