Why get a plumbing camera inspection done?

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Why have a plumbing camera inspection? 

Now that they are becoming more commonplace, homeowners are requesting plumbers to perform a video inspection service when they have plumbing problems. Why? Utilizing plumbing camera inspections helps the plumber find the exact area of the problem, make a diagnosis, and determine what should be done to correct the problem – without having to tear up the landscaping. 

For years, when there was a plumbing problem, the landscaping and lawn were destroyed as the plumber used a backhoe to dig trenches. If the problem were thought to be a slab leak, they would often have to jackhammer the cement slab to find the problem. Plumbing camera inspections have almost eliminated that process. 

What is a plumbing camera inspection?

Plumbing camera inspections are when a plumber uses a video camera attached to a snake line that is connected to a television type screen and runs it through a sewer line or water line. This new technology allows them the ability to see problems inside sewer lines and a water pipe that they otherwise would have to trench the yard or jackhammer the floors to find. 

Using plumbing camera inspections, they can look for corrosion, cracks, misaligned pipes, root intrusions, and critter nests. Plumbing camera inspections allow plumbers to find leaks, grease build-up, or other debris build-up and obstructions. Once they have identified the exact area and problem, they can determine the best plan of action to repair or replaced the line.  Some plumbers will do a follow-up video inspection after they have completed the service to make sure the repair or replacement is still in place, clean and flowing as intended. 

How do I know if my plumbing is bad?

If you aren’t seeing water leaking or spewing if you aren’t hearing water dripping or running, then how do you know if you have a plumbing problem? We are providing you are list ten signs that you need to contact a plumber, sooner than later. 

Pipes are Discolored 

If you’ve noticed discolored pipes in the basement or under a sink, you may have a slow leak in a pipe somewhere along the way. In this instance, it may be one of the times that a plumber can use plumbing camera inspections to find a slab leak or wall leak. Because these lines are pressurized, we recommend contacting a plumber soon before it burst, and you have a bigger problem.  

Smelly Sewer

The general rule of thumb in plumbing is there needs to be a trap and a vent to every drain to keep sewer gas out of the house. If the drain, trap, or vent becomes clogged or cracked, that sewer gas has no place to go but inside your home.  Sewer gas can be a health hazard and need to be addressed.  It can be difficult for a plumber to track this problem down and will likely use a plumbing camera inspections process in place of tearing into the drywall. 

Weak Water Flow 

A slow or weak water flow and stream indicates a distribution issue, usually at one faucet, which can be fixed by replacing the aerator. If the flow issue is in multiple places around the home and outside, you may leak the water meter and the house or somewhere along the supply line. A plumber that experienced how to do a plumbing camera inspection can find the active leak, and get it repaired.

Slow Draining

A slow drain is one thing that even the least knowledgeable homeowner can realize is a plumbing problem. It could be as simple as a clogged drain or more detailed further into the drain line and sewer line.  This one of the areas that plumbing camera inspections are the ideal tool for plumbers. 

Waterless Winter

In the dead of winter, if you have a sudden drop in the water pressure, your water pipes may be freezing up or have frozen.  Often, a homeowner can resolve this issue, or it is a matter of waiting for the temperature to rise enough the pipes thaw. However, because copper piping contracts and expands with the temperature, you want to thaw them slowly, so they don’t burst. 

Water Bill Spiked

A sudden spike in the water bill is a sure sign of plumbing problems, and it is from the meter to your house, or the water bill wouldn’t have spiked. Unless you’ve had a swimming pool filled, you need to have a plumber inspect your plumbing and find the issue fast. 

Other indicators you have plumbing issues are ceilings and walls with bubbling paint, a green patch in your lawn, a rocking toilet, or discolored water. Should I get a sewer line inspection at this point? Definitely! Any of the things we’ve discussed here need immediate attention by a professional plumber that has experience in performing plumbing camera inspections as well as doing things the old school way. 

How long does a sewer line inspection take?

Most sewer and plumbing camera inspections take one hour to two hours, depending on the size of the house and property, the access to the sewer and water lines, and the configurations of those lines.        

What happens during a sewer inspection?

The plumber will take a snake line and attach a small camera that will send video to a small computer or television screen.  The snake line is pushed through the sewer and water lines while the camera films the trip through the lines and relays it back to the computer or television. Where plumbing camera inspections are not possible, plumbers will use other methods to listen for and look for plumbing leaks and problems. 

Is a sewer line inspection part of a home inspection?

Not unless the possible buyer or the homeowner request one. Within an hour, an experienced plumber can conduct a sewer scope inspection, or plumbing camera inspections and make sure there isn’t any drain line, sewer line, or underground line plumbing problems. 

Plumbing system exposed for service

At The End Of The Day…

What are the plumbing camera inspection advantages? The fear of the unknown is troubling, especially when it concerns your home. Instead of worrying about a possible sewer or water line leak, plumbing camera inspections can find out exactly what’s going on, or not going, and a plan of action put into place. The four main things that you can get from having a plumbing camera inspection done are: 

  • Locate a break or leak in sewer or water lines
  • Eliminate unnecessary digging, trenching, and guessing
  • Determine the sewer and water pipes condition
  • Having a video reference to understand the problem better

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