Backflow Certification

Periodic Inspection and Testing Backflow Preventer

get-pumped-get-plumbedPiping infrastructures are commonly built to perform with gravity but there are many instances where commercial and residential pipelines have to be laid to move used water or sewage away from a lower location against gravity to a water canal or larger sewer lines/treatment plant. To stop gravity from working against you and your business, a backflow preventer is the obvious and necessary step to take. Backflow preventers keep your water line uncontaminated and your business running smoothly. But this also means making sure your backflow preventer is in top working condition. Achieve the backflow certification on your preventer in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fl by KRK Enterprises, Inc., the backflow experts.

Because water is a corrosive and erosive medium, mechanical devices placed in water are subject to adverse conditions. High pressure, alkalinity, temperature, acidity and other conditions take their toll against hinged pins, springs, rubber or plastic parts, and even brass seats. The only way to know when repairs are necessary, other than by obvious failure of the device, is by periodic inspection. Test cocks are installed in all units that require inspection solely for the purpose of testing. Testing ensures that it continues to operate properly and serve the purpose for which it was installed.

Nature of the Test

The important criteria of backflow prevention device testing, depending on the device type, is:photo of checklist

  • To ensure that check valves prevent backflow
  • To ensure that air ports pop open when they should
  • To ensure that relief valves open before the pressure in the zone between the check valves is less than 2 PSL below the pressure at the inlet to the device

Be sure that your backflow preventer is in safe, working condition. The risk of contaminating your water system with sewage, harmful bacteria, and similar waste, is not worth temporarily saving a little money. The hazards to your health alone is worth the periodic backflow maintenance.

General maintenance and testing services are the only responsible avenue for businesses which employ the use of a backflow preventer. Consult with the backflow maintenance experts at KRK Enterprises, Inc. in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fl, and gain your backflow certification today. For backflow testing service or maintenance, call us today. 1-800-330-7686