Root Canal

The Problem

If you live in the Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fl area, then you know how big of an issue tree roots can become to your piping system. Using KRK Enterprises, Inc.’s Root Canal product to protect your Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fl pipes is one of the most efficient and affordable options available.

Shrub and tree roots invade your sewer lines seeking a source of water. Small hair roots can grow through cracked pipe or pipe joints, grow larger and eventually break the pipe. Root invasion will block your sewer main, restrict flow and catch debris which will back up your system.

The Solution

Heavy root invasion requires mechanical removal by a professional drain service technician. A cable machine with blades will cut through the root mass. Control of root growth can be achieved through the proper application of Root Canal. Properly applied twice a year, Root Canal will retard and destroy root growth in the sewer.

As Root Canal is absorbed, the root structure will begin to decay within four weeks. If you are concerned about how Root Canal may affect your landscaping or the health of the plants in your yard, be rest assured that Root Canal can only reach the harmful roots. Only roots growing in the pipe will be affected. Unless every single root of your tree has dug into your piping, Root Canal should cause no visible or outward change in the overall health of your tree. Preventative maintenance with Root Canal will keep your sewer line flowing free.

Dangers: Hazards to Humans & Pets

As with many cleaning products, Root Canal causes severe eye and skin irritation. It is harmful if swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Avoid breathing mist or dust and contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Causes substantial but temporary eye injury. May cause skin sensitization reactions in certain individuals. Protective clothing, including goggles, should be worn. (Not for medical use). Please refer to the product label for additional information concerning Root Canal.

To protect your sewer pipes in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fl, use the preventative Root Canal solution! KRK Enterprises, Inc. is prepared to answer any question you may have about our product or our services today. Dial 1-800-330-7686