How to Save Water In the Bathroom

Does your water bill seem to be creeping up? Not to worry! The experts at KRK Enterprises are here to recommend some ways that you can save money in one of the most water wasting rooms in the home: your bathroom!

  1. Fix leaky parts: It may only seem like a drip here, or a drip there, but believe you me, those drops are adding up. So save yourself some money in the long run, and give one of our plumbing professionals a call to take care of those leaks for you!
  2. Low flow shower head: Each and every minute, a standard shower head can release 3.5 gallons a minute. Imagine taking that 30 minute shower you love! Thshower headat’s 105 gallons that’s been used and most of it is just being wasted when you’re waiting on the shower to warm up and once you get in, half of it is just flowing down the drain. That’s your money going down that drain! Opposed to utilizing a low flow shower head that only uses about 2 gallons per minute. Switching to a low flow shower head could save you about 43% on your hot water bill.
  3. Shorter showers: Although we all enjoy a nice, long, hot shower, the reality is that they don’t necessarily need to be that long. Time how long your shower is then make reasonable decisions on how to cut that time down. Maybe you don’t have to brush your teeth in the shower, maybe wash your hair in the sink, or etc. The savings begin with you and your family.

So stop letting your hard earned money just go down the drain, and give the plumbing pros at KRK Enterprises a call today at 800-330-7686