What You Should NEVER Put In Your Garbage Disposal

Just because you have a garbage disposal does not mean hat you can put any  type of garbage in there. Although they seem “indestructible”, here actually are certain things that can cause some major issues with your disposal. Here are a few items to keep away.

garbage disposal repairBig chunks of anything can be can cause clogs and cause serious damage to the blades. You should feed it small portions, allow it time to grind it up and then add more until you are through.

Coffee grounds seem like they go down seamlessly, but in actuality, the small grounds act as a sediment within your plumbing. This can build up over time and cause some serious issues.

Eggshells have been said beneficial the blades in a garbage disposal, but can actually prove to be quite detrimental. On the inside of an eggshell, there’s a stringy membrane that can wrap around the blades causing big problems.

Grease and oil is another substance that seems to go down the drain pretty easily, but it actually hasn’t been disposed of. Oil and grease hardens after a while and if this is in your pipes, it can definitely result in some serious blockage.

So if you know that any of these items have been making their way down your garbage disposal and it still works, count yourself lucky. But if you are one of the unfortunate ones having issues with your disposal, call the experts at KRK Enterprises. Call us today to make sure that you have your garbage disposal repaired correctly the first time! Contact us at 1-(800)-330-7686.