Keeping Your Water Bill Low This Summer

With summer quickly approaching and the heat waves stepping up their game, it is easy to want to turn the water up a little more. The problem with that, is that you are raising your water bill when chances are, that you don’t need to. There are a few ways that you can save some money and still use your water this coming summer, here’s how.

What to Do

Water Less – If you are currently running your sprinklers twice a day, consider cutting it down to once a day and then if you really need to, use a garden hose to spray thye spots that are drier than others.

Skip the Sprinklers – What we mean by this is, running the sprinklers for your kids to play in may be fun, but it is wasting water by letting it run. Consider buying a small kiddy pool and filling that up to play in, or if you really want some sprinkler fun, limit it to a certain amount of time and then make sure it is turned off.

Shower at night – If you do this, you will go to bed feeling refreshed and then wake up in the morning without having to take a shower. This is better because if you shower in the morning, you will probably want to shower again at night to cool off. Just downsize to one shower a day, simple.

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