Signs of a Leaking Pipe

A water leak from one of your pipes can wreak havoc on your home. However, when your pipes are behind walls and under floors, it isn’t always easy to locate a leak. To catch the problem before true disaster, watch for these signs of a leaking pipe.

Increase in Water Bill

Signs of a Leaking Pipe

Avoid Costly Repairs and Watch for These Signs of a Leaking Pipe

One of the best ways to keep an eye out for a leak is to watch your water bill. Know what your average price is and, if you notice a sudden increase, inspect your home. Sometimes the culprit is simply a dripping faucet or running the sprinklers more often. However, if you cannot find a reason for the increase, check your water meter for constant ticking that may indicate an unseen leak.

Foundation Cracks

Over time, it is common to see some minor cracks in the slab in your garage or a thin crack in your ceiling drywall. This is due to settling, which is especially common in Florida. However, if you notice significant or sudden foundation cracks, you should have your home inspected for a possible leak.

Ceiling Stains

Another one of the most common signs of a leaking pipes is drywall damage. You might see stains on your ceiling or walls, and paint may run and wallpaper will bubble. In some cases, a water damaged ceiling may be due to a roof leak, so check any visible pipes and in your attic for the culprit.

It is important to keep an eye out for these signs of a leaking pipe to prevent unnecessary repairs and keep your home in good shape. Call KRK Enterprises today for leaky pipe repair in Fort Pierce, FL and Palm City, FL at 1-800-330-7686.