How to Go Green with Your Plumbing

Plumber with Drain snakeYou want to keep the pipes in your home or business running smoothly, but you also care about your impact on the environment. Is it possible to do both? Read on to discover how you can keep your plumbing in great shape, while still caring for the environment.

Dispose of Waste Properly.

It’s tempting to put all your food waste down the garbage disposal, or flush practically anything down the toilet but it’s not good for your plumbing or the planet. Keeping certain items out of your garbage disposal will not only keep your disposal running smoothly, but will also keep harmful elements from entering the sewer system. Grease and oil should NEVER be put down your garbage disposal. In terms of your toilet, you should never flush hair, feminine hygiene products, or non-toilet paper.

Use “Green” Methods of Drain Cleaning.

There are a lot of products available to clean out your drains, but not all of them are earth-friendly. If you have a clogged drain, you may be tempted to go buy a chemical drain cleaner. Before you go buy drain cleaner, you should stop and think about the impact it can have on the environment. There are other methods of drain cleaning that do not require chemical solvents. Two methods that are non-chemical based are hydro-jetting and mechanical drain snaking. Hydro-jetting uses powerful streams of water to blast blockages out of the way.

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