When to Schedule Drain Cleaning in Your Home

Keeping the drains clean in your home’s plumbing is key to preventing many common plumbing issues. But do you when to call for an expert to come out and take care of a drain problem? Here are a few things to keep in mind when one of the drains in your home is causing trouble.

Bathroom Faucet with Running Water

Is it taking longer for water to drain out of your sink or tub? Slow drains are an indication of a clog forming in the pipeline and impeding water flow. You want to have clogs removed quickly to prevent the trouble it can cause. Clogs can cause water pressure to build up which can lead to leaks or a burst pipe. Having a professional come out and clean the pipeline, not only ensure that the clog is removed completely, but ensures that pipe is cleaned properly to prevent another clog from forming in the same spot.

It can take some time for enough debris to collect in order for a clog to form. If you notice any odd smells coming from the drain, that could be an indication of a clog slowly forming in the pipe. Having the pipeline cleared at the first sign of a problem will prevent possible damage and expensive repairs.

A clogged drain can lead to a number of problems and having regular maintenance done can help you prevent a toilet or sink from overflowing, pipes from leaking, and more. Preventative maintenance is a great way to keep the plumbing in your home running smoothly.

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