Giant “Fatberg” in London Sewer

frying foodIn 2013 after several residents of a London neighborhood complained about their toilets not flushing, the Thames Water company got to work searching for the source of the problem. Much to their surprise, a 15-ton school bus sized “fatberg” made of congealed grease and baby wipes was clinging to the walls of the sewer below. Crews worked for days digging the “fatberg” out by hand and the sewer returned to normal, but this incident renewed the emphasis for the public to be mindful of what they flush and send down their drains.

Grease and cooking oils pose a very real threat to plumbing and sewage pipes. Have you ever left grease in a pan, only to find it later solidified into a block? This is exactly what happens when grease and fat enters plumbing pipes. Even if you use drain cleaner to clear your pipes, the grease is washed down into public sewers where it can congeal there, as in the case of the 15-ton “fatberg.”

Greasy Pipes

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