How is Cooking Oil, Grease, and Fat Recycled?

frying donutsGrease and oil recycling is one of the incredible modern technologies of our time. When KRK Enterprises, Inc. obtains your used cooking oil, grease, and fat, you can be assured that your waste is being disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner: often by recycling it into something useful. Here we walk through some of the process for recycling used grease into to a usable material.

A common product that used cooking oil, vegetable oil, and grease is often recycled into is biodiesel. Grease and oil is reacted with an alcohol, usually methanol, in the presence of a catalyst. This reaction forms biodiesel, and also glycerin as a byproduct. Glycerin is used in many cosmetics and soaps.

Biodiesel is a more environmentally conscious fuel than petroleum diesel. Biodiesel is produced in the USA, which reduces emissions from importing diesel. Biodiesel improves fuel lubricity, which diesel engines rely on keep their parts moving. It is also safer than petroleum diesel: it is less combustible and has a much higher flash point, making it much safer to store, use, and transport.

Grease and Oil Recycling

Biodiesel is one great example of how your recycled grease, oil, and fats are re-purposed into something useful and easier on the environment. For professional, trustworthy recycling and disposal services, call the team at KRK Enterprises Inc., at 1-800-330-7686!