What Would Cause a Hot Water Heater to Stop Working?

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Water Heater Repair Parts

If you are having issues with your water heater, you might be wondering, “Can a water heater be repaired?” and the answer is yes, as long as the damages aren’t too severe. There are several reasons why your water heater stopped working, all of the issues stemming from defective or malfunctioning water heater parts. Here are a couple of reasons why your water heater might have stopped working.

  • Circuit breaker: A lot of people ask, “Why do I have no hot water?” and one of the reasons you may not have hot water is because of the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker might have been tripped, which would cause it not to have the power it needs.
  • Thermostat: For those who are not having trouble with hot water but getting more than enough, the problem might have to do with the thermostat. If the thermostat is set too high, then you will be getting too much hot water.
  • Heating Elements: If there are issues with water leaks, then there could be an issue with the heating element. More often than not, if the heating element is loose in the tank, it can cause the water heater to leak.
  • Anode Rods: The purpose of the anode rods is to prevent any rust from occurring in the water heater tank. If you have rusty water coming from your taps, the anode rods might need to be replaced.
  • Water Heater Tank: In order for your water heater to provide you with adequate hot water, as well as provide water to all of your plumbing appliances, you need a water heater that is the correct size. If your water heater breaks down unexpectedly, it could be because the water heater tank was too small for the usage of appliances and people.

How Do You Know a Water Heater Is Going Bad?

When it comes to your water heater, a question that you might ask concerning the health of your water heater is, “What is the most common problem with water heaters?” There isn’t just one common problem that plagues water heaters–there are a couple of problems that are pretty prevalent in regards to water heaters. One of the most common problems you will deal with is having to do with water temperature. Either the water is too cold or it’s too hot, which can cause serious problems. Another problem that has to do with temperature is when there isn’t enough hot water or no hot water at all, which is needed when you want to bathe, wash clothes, or clean. Other things that can happen that indicate something is wrong with your water heater is if its leaking or the water is rust-colored or tastes metallic-y. If you have any of these issues happening to your water heater, you will need water heater repair or replacement service.

Water Heater Repair Vs Replace

Water heaters that are experiencing issues can either be repaired or replaced. Most of the time water heater repair will be able to resolve the problem you are having with your water heater, but there are other times when water heater replacement service might be needed. If your water heater has reached its lifespan, then its better to get a water replacement than water repairs. How often do you need to replace a hot water heater? A traditional tank water heater can last upwards of 12 years, whereas a tankless water heater can last 20 years. Another sign that you need to replace your water heater versus repair is when you keep having to repair the water heater. If you are constantly repairing the water heater, then it’s better to replace it. Look at the cost of repairs–if the repairs cost 50% of what a replacement would be, then it’s better to just replace the water heater. Lastly, if your water heater bills are higher than usual, it is probably because your water heater is working harder than it should, which in return causes your water heater bills to rise. Investing in a new water heater will mean you have a more energy-efficient water heater.

Who to Call for Water Heater Repair

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Water Heater Repair Cost

If you are looking for water heater repair, then you will need to call a professional plumber in your area. Just like if you wanted to learn more about a green roof, you would call a reputable roofer who has worked on green roofs in the past. For people who are needing water heater repair in Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie, Fl, you can rely on KRK Enterprises, Inc.. We offer residential plumbing services that will get your plumbing back in great shape. All you have to do is call us at 800-330-7686 to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing contractors. We look forward to working with you and getting your water heater back in great shape.