Toilet Trouble: Signs Your Toilet Needs Service

Photo of ToiletYour toilet is one of the most important parts of your home or commercial plumbing. When it breaks, your home comes to a halt. Recognizing problems can be very important in this situation. As toilets can have many different issues, being able to tell symptoms to your plumber can help them diagnose and repair it quickly. Keep an eye out for these common issues within your toilet and plumbing.

Common Toilet Problems

#1 Phantom Flush

Have you ever heard your toilet start to run when it is not even in use? This is called phantom flush. When a commode has phantom flush, it will continuously sound like it is filling the tank. In order to verify this is the problem, there is a simple test you can do. Once your tank has paused running, put a few drops of food coloring into the tank water. Wait and then check the bowl. If you begin to see colored water, you have a leak within your system causing the phantom flush.

#2 Weak Flushing

Weak flushing can be a big problem. There are several causes of weak flush within a toilet. The first thing to determine is the age of your commode. If it was made in the mid 90s, it may be an issue with the toilet design itself. Other causes range from the level of water within your tank to build up and clogs down the line. Having a video inspection completed can determine the cause of the weak flush of your toilet.

#3 Suction When You Flush

When you flush your toilet, do you hear suction in your sink and tub? This can be caused by a blocked vent, a clog or by a leak. If you hear gurgling, you should contact your plumber to take care of the issue present and restore your commode’s function. Waiting  to have this issue repaired can lead to a messy situation.

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