Best Ways To Deodorize Your Kitchen Sink

Have you ever gone to wash something in your kitchen sink and smelled a foul odor coming from the drain? There no need for fancy tools or chemicals. Here are a few ways to naturally deodorize your kitchen sink and keep your kitchen smelling fresh.


If You Have A Garbage Disposal…

If the odor isn’t too strong, a thorough cleaning with some hot water may do the trick. Put a stopper in the drain and fill the sink with hot water and dish soap. Pull the plug and turn on the disposal, allowing the drain to fill wish soapy water. If this doesn’t work, try throwing some ice cubes and lemon peels into the disposal. Ice cubes are great at dislodging larger debris hung up in your disposal.

If you’re still smelling something nasty beneath the fresh lemon, try using some warm vinegar. Repurpose the vinegar cycle you ran through your coffee pot and pour it down the drain while still hot. Add more lemons for a fresh scent.

If You Don’t Have A Garbage Disposal…

The best method for most natural cleaning is water, baking soda, and vinegar. It’s no different when it’s time to deodorize your kitchen sink! Dump baking soda into the drain and let it sit for a few minutes, then add white vinegar and let it bubble. Once the vinegar and baking soda does its thing, run hot water down the drain to clean it out. Add lemon juice for a fresh scent if you like.

Keep It Clean

Depending on what you put down your kitchen sink, odors may crop up frequently. Try sprinkling baking soda down the drain every so often. If you have a garbage disposal, throw some ice cubes or baking soda in after grinding up any foods with a strong odor. Or, keep them out of your sink and throw them in the trash instead.

Remember that bacteria love dark and damp places like your sink drain. Regular cleaning will help reduce or prevent bad odors from stinking up your kitchen. However, if you clean and deodorize your sink often, you may have a bigger problem. A broken pipe, clog, or other plumbing problems can cause foul odors to back up in your pipes.

If these cleaning methods don’t deodorize your kitchen sink, call KRK Enterprises, Inc. and let us take a look. Foul odors can indicate serious plumbing issues that may need to be addressed immediately. Call us at 1-800-330-7686 for expert plumbing services in Fort Pierce, FL!