Welcome to KRK Enterprises, Inc.

To Serve each Client by providing Professional Vacuum Truck, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Utility, Drainfield, Bio-Treatment and Grease / Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services with Action-Oriented Responses.

Together, we will Create Seamless Service Experiences and Guaranteed Solutions for every Client founded on Honesty, Integrity and an unselfish attitude of Service.

This mission will be accomplished through the Team’s cooperation and dedication to being efficient, prompt, courteous and profitable.

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KRK Enterprises, Inc., a Florida S-Corporation, was originally established on June 9th, 1994. Kyle D. Kelly, Paul Revels, and Marvin D. Kelly were the original three shareholders. Kyle Kelly served as the President, Paul Revels the Vice-President, and Marvin Kelly, the Secretary/Treasurer.

In the beginning, the corporation owned the land and operated two lime stabilization treatment facilities in Okeechobee County (172 acres off Eagle Island Road and 80 acres in Fort Drum). Liquid and solid waste from septic tanks and grease traps were screened, lime stabilization, and then land applied as fertilizer on the two pasture land properties.

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KRK Enterprises, Inc. utilizes grease / cooking oil facilities located throughout the State of Florida for environmentally-friendly disposal purposes.